Know Thy Customer

It’s a content marketing commandment.

Before you can create captivating and compelling content, you need to develop your personas. Do you do this based on lazy anecdotes thrown around the office or do you want to create real, living, breathing profiles of your customer, social or prospect base? (We thought so!)

Frame enriches your data giving you a refreshed perspective and deeper insight into the people who are actually buying from you.

Real Context.

Better Content.

Frame gives colour context to the binary black and white world of analytics to help you form real content marketing personas.

The tool delivers deep insight so that you can base your content, social and PR strategies around the things your customers actually care about.

Don’t just be another easily-ignored, self-centred corporate blog. Create content that makes your audience, well… content.

Insight as a Service

Beyond just the Frame data and analytics tool, we offer a comprehensive insight-as-a-service strategy team to help you make sense of all the data and deliver the most compelling content marketing direction.

We’re a full-service consultancy that takes the Frame data, SEO trends, keyword analysis and more to realise and deliver a content marketing strategy, tactics and fully-formed content ideas.

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Frame. Works.

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