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B2B marketing is difficult. It’s distinctly more rational and features & benefits based. Buyers are often just trying to save time or money.

Frame enriches your data giving you a refreshed perspective and deeper insight into the people who are actually buying from you or following you and your competitors on social media.

Frame can also identify key traits and trends of your customer base – even if they are an organisation.

More Insight =

More Business

Frame can give you social profiles and interest maps for all of the contacts, prospects or customers in your database to help you deliver engaging content and social media strategies.

By just providing web addresses for the companies you’re targeting, Frame can then give you a huge amount of added information about the company – from employee numbers through to locations, emails and social accounts.

By Framing your current customer base, you can intelligently identify other targets for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Identify Key People

Frame can also search the web for key people that work within the business you’re targeting.

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