Your social followers aren’t necessarily your customers. Discover your audiences’ social profiles to unlock a new level of insight.

Frame can deliver deep insight via email or telephone number ingest or, if you want to analyse just your social following, it can do that too.

Social Profiles

Discover Social Media Profiles

Frame can enrich your customer data from over 100 social media sources via three different ingest methods.

For internal data, Frame can use Email or telephone numbersĀ to find and deliver a huge amount of information on people that may be prospects or customers from your CRM or customers from your e-commerce platform.

Frame can also take Twitter profiles and turn them into rich, insightful reports with interest maps, self-identification comprehension and also find other social profiles linked to that person. Awesome for truly understanding your, and your competitors, social media following.

Self Identification

I Am Who I Say I Am

Frame identifies and analyses your data to provide deep understanding of how your audience self identifies.

On Twitter, this may be that they describe themselves as a “parent” or someone who “loves design”. When looking at LinkedIn, your audience may describe themselves as “driven” or “leader”.

This can then influence both your social media and content strategy to humanise your brand and deliver the right kind of content to your personas.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Frame identifies the organisations that your audience work for.

This information provides a huge amount of insight into the types of professional that really convert on your website and that are interested in your brand. You may not realise that your brand resonates with high-powered professionals in consultancies, or that you have an abnormally large audience of technology workers.

You can then use this for content marketing ideas, but also to help Frame your brand and advertise to those professions too.

Job Titles

We are What We Do

Frame identifies and indexes job titlesĀ of your audience. This information not only allows you to define the level of people in your audience but also to infer other associations.

An example may be that your brand indexes highly with CEO’s and Managing Directors, whose brand expectations and experiences will be vastly different to that of executive-level workers.

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