Connect With Your Audience

Make an emotional connection by aligning your message with what people are already passionate about.

Frame maps 7500+ different interests across 32 different categories.
We can also rate the level of interest for each one based on a unique system of following, mentions, re-tweets and other insightful social actions.

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Empathy beats Psychopathy

Your consumers aren’t just pageviews on your site. They’re real people.
Frame gives you important empathetic cultural context to influence your creative strategy and find your customer’s wavelength.

Here are some of the interest categories Frame maps:

Art – Automotive – Beauty – Books & PublicationsBrands – Business & Careers – Causes & ActivismCelebrities – Education – Faith & Religion – Food & Drink – Gaming – Government & Politics – Health – Hobbies & Interests – Home & Garden – Life Stages – Music – Nature & The Outdoors – News – Parenting – Personal Finance – Pets – Places – Popular Culture – Science – Social Media – Society – Sports – Style & Fashion – Technology – Television & Film – Travel – Travel Destinations – World Cultures

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What other brands are your customer base interested in? Are they avid Apple fans or Amazon advocates? Are they Burberry backers or Chanel champions?

We analyse your customer base’s following profiles but also their activity in terms of @ mentions and re-tweets to give you a rich profile of how they engage with brands.

When we’ve done the framing, we can help you identify key trends in your customer base’s expectations, brand experiences, aspirations and also strategize brand partnerships and PR opportunities.


What locations is your customer based interested in? You may already know the geographic location of your customers and have analysed propensity to spend across countries, counties or postcodes – but where are they interested in? Where do they aspire to visit?

By knowing this, we can help you generate content ideas based on locations people care about.


Where does your customer base look for content? Are they news junkies or can they simply not resist celebrity gossip? Do they engage with The Economist, Vanity Fair or Buzzfeed?

When we’ve helped you frame your customer’s publisher preferences, we’ll be armed to help you not only strategize media buying to reach potential new customers where they devour their content, but also to help develop your content strategy and brand’s tone of voice.


Where do your customers hang out online? Do they post lots of Instagram or Pinterest images? Are they actually high-level professionals that index highly for online sharing via LinkedIn?

The community interest frame often surprises our clients and cause an almost-immediate rethink to social media and content strategies alike. Social listening is fine. But knowing where to tune in is better.

Television & Film

Away from the buzz of social media, what shows are resonating with your audience? Are they die-hard Thronies or are do they have a soft-spot for Project Runway? By framing the TV shows your audience are engaging with, we can help you develop content that is both tangential to the brand and the TV show, discover a new tone of voice and personality for your brand and get you closer to your customers and prospects than ever before.

Imagine – if you know that they indexed highly for political satire like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver rather than Duck Dynasty, don’t you think you should elevate your comedic and current affairs game on social media?


By framing the celebrity engagement of your customer base, you can start to understand both the specific celebrities that they engage with and inspire them and also key trends in their engagement.

Are they engaging with politicians or fashionistas? The Pope or the Kardashians?

This framing exercise helps identify potential partnerships but also helps you develop a content strategy based on what these celebrities are also sharing. If you know your audience loves sports stars, how can you adapt to be relevant to the conversation?


What music is your customer base passionate about? Are they drinking from the mainstream or are they re-posting and mentioning a more eclectic mix of artists?

By framing the artist category, we can help you identify brand partnerships or even develop the right kind of sound for your brand.
Ever considered what should be on your brand’s Spotify playlist?
What you should be playing in your retail stores?
What kind of music should you use over your brand’s video content?
Let us help you discover the perfect soundtrack to your customer’s lives.


What causes do your customers and prospects really care about? How can your brand values align to the same charities? By sharing the same resonant compassion and altruism, your brand can thrive.

Frame. Works.

Let us help you tell your story…

It’s time to Frame your audience.