Research, Profile, Engage

The Frame platform richly profiles your customer database through unique machine learning algorithms and social data feeds.

We can then dig deeper into the people behind the pageviews and drive brand engagement you never thought possible. We can analyse who your audience is, where they work, what they do, how they self-identify and much more.

Social Profiling

Frame takes your data and enriches it with all publicly available social profiles associated to that email address. We then go a few steps further to help you understand exactly who this person is so that you can engage them better.

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Interest Mapping

Frame maps 7500+ different interests across 32 different categories. We can also rate the level of interest for each one based on a unique system of following, mentions, re-tweets and other insightful social actions.

Brands – Apple
Photography & Travel
Food & Drink – Coffee Brands – Starbucks
Style & Fashion
Home & Garden

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